Friday, March 21, 2014

100% Pure Product Review + Get Ready With Me

Before I begin reviewing these products, let me just say that 100% Pure has A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. customer service.  The majority of the time, when I contact companies about sending me products to review, I don't get a response. When I contacted 100% Pure, they responded the same day, and within 2 days had products ready to ship to me.  My blog has less than 600 followers, but they treated me as nicely and professionally as they would someone with thousands of followers. Thank you Susie and Amanda!

My package of free products hasn't arrived yet.  But, in the mean time, I placed an order for some other products I wanted to try.  All of the products reviewed here are ones that I purchased myself.

I have been wanting to start replacing my makeup with natural products, little by little.  I was so excited to discover the company 100% Pure. The company claims that these are fruit pigmented cosmetics, free of "synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins."  I find their website very informative!

Some of the products I purchased work for me and others don't.  I still think this is a wonderful company worth giving a try!

Pretty Naked Neutral Face Palette

It's not often that I buy nice makeup.  I usually just pick something up from the drug store because it's more affordable for me.  I saved some Christmas money with the intention of purchasing another popular naked palette that costs around $50.  But, then I saw this one which includes a luminescent powder, pretty naked blush, and three eye shadows in the colors flax seed, toffee, and chestnut.  It is $35.00.  I told myself that if I purchased the more expensive one that I'd probably only use a few of the colors regularly.  I would get to try a new blush and luminizer with the 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette, and it's all healthier for my skin.


1. These are all very neutral everyday colors.

2. It's the perfect size for traveling.

3. This would be a great gift for a pre-teen or teenager who is just starting to wear makeup.  Everything is natural-looking and healthy for her skin.

4. The blush is so soft and pretty.  It looks like a kiss of sunshine on your cheeks. The luminizer adds a little touch of glow.


1. The eyeshadow is easier to apply with a sponge tip rather than a brush (not really a con.)

2. These are supposedly universally flattering tones.  Unfortunately, I don't feel that way about the eye shadow.  These are very warm neutrals, which I don't care for on my pale skin.  There is nothing wrong with these eye shadows.  They're actually really beautiful! I'm sure they will look lovely on other skin tones.  I feel so disappointed that these won't work for me.  I have that feeling you get in your stomach when you save up to buy yourself a special treat, and then it's not what you expected. When I look at the pictures below, I think they look okay. But, when I look in the mirror, I don't feel comfortable wearing these warm browns. 100% Pure has excellent customer service.  I think I am going to send this back, so I can purchase colors that suit me better like grays, cool toned taupe, plums, and lavenders.

Maybe the Fig, Cashmere, or Pewter would work better for me?

Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder in "Creme"


1. I used the online live chat and this color (Creme) is the perfect match for my skin tone.  Creme is considered porcelain and the White Peach color is considered fair.  I have always considered my skin to be fair, not porcelain, so I never would have picked Creme without the help of the online chat.  It is very helpful!

2. It has SPF 20! I love products that have SPF to help protect my fair skin from the sun.


1. Although this color was a perfect match, the powder left my face really shiny.  If you like a dewy look, you will love this! I have large pores and an oily t-zone, so after a few hours, this looked very cakey on my skin.  100% Pure has beautiful blush colors that I love, so I am going to order one for my face product!

Black Tea Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara


There are no cons about this!  So, I am just going to go on about how much I L.O.V. E. this mascara! Lately have had trouble with drugstore mascaras irritating my eyes.  This mascara does not contain any toxins and my eyes feel great!  It is definitely lengthening and glossy.  I love the curved shape of the bristles.  I purchased this in "Black Tea," which is the black color, but it comes in several different colors.  I highly recommend this mascara and will definitely be repurchasing it!

Below are some "Get Ready With Me" pictures, using the products mentioned above.

No makeup products on. Just a clean, moisturized face.  You can see that I have dark under eye circles and red splotchy skin. I also have very rough dry skin and an oily t-zone.

Before applying 100% Pure products, I applied another brand of concealer/brightener under my eyes.

The lip gloss is Burt's Bees brand.

Just because some of these products didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't work for you.  I am still in love with this company and will keep purchasing from them.  There are some products that I purchased (not mentioned in this review) that I am crazy about!  They include the lip glaze and nail polish!!!!  So, look for another review AND GIVEAWAY coming soon!

The products all have really pretty packaging, and everything is wrapped up so nicely when it ships. I was surprised when my order came in just 2 days!

Now get yourself some of this mascara!


Jeff and Shaun said...

Have you tried their deodorant or butter bar soaps? I have been thinking about using natural deodorant for awhile now but I have heard it isn't as strong as normal deodorant. I have been using natural bar soap for awhile now that I get from a guy in Wisconsin but I would like to try new scents. Thanks, Shaun

Little Miss Vegetarian (Jessica) said...

Hi Shaun! Thanks for your comment! No, I haven't tried the deodorant or soap bars from 100% Pure. The deodorant didn't have very good reviews. But, I really want to try the peach or lemon soap bars! Natural deodorant is not an antiperspirant, so you will still sweat (which is a good thing). Right now I am using "Natural for Her" deodorant in the fragrance "Blossom" by a company called "Herban Cowboy." It smells SO good! I bought it at Whole Foods. I haven't tried it during the summer yet, but it has been great during cooler months!

Jeff and Shaun said...

Thanks for responding back. After reading what you said I think I will pass on the deodorant but go ahead and order a couple butter soaps and mascara.