Monday, March 31, 2014

100% Pure Nail Polish Review and Giveaway!

You all know that I have recently been trying some products from 100% Pure.  Their makeup is fruit-dyed and free of "synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins." Their products are also vegan. 

I received three creamy nail polishes from 100% Pure with an order that I placed, and these are the best nail polishes I've ever used!  What I like most about them is that they're "free of the common carcinogens in most nail polish: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin." Yes, unfortunately a lot of nail polishes contain formaldehyde.

The colors I received are:

Juice : A bright coral pink, perfect for summer!

I Heart You : A peachy pink natural everyday color with a bit of shimmer!

Jam: A cool-toned berry red.  This color is very dark and perfect for fall and winter!

 This is why I like them so much:

1. They apply so smoothly!  They are definitely creamy!  The ones without shimmer are a lot more creamy and are the ones I like best.

2. I only needed one coat.  I put two on anyway, but one would have been fine!

3. The polish lasts for about 5 days without chipping.  This is without a bottom or top coat!

4. These polishes are really shiny!!

5. When it's time to take it off, it comes off so easily.  There's no scrubbing and scrubbing!

$12.00 is more than I usually spend on nail polishes, but I think these are well worth it, if you have the money.  I know that not everyone can spend that much, so I have decided to give one bottle away!  I'm giving away a bottle of the "I Heart You" color, because it's a light everyday color.  I also think this would be perfect for a little girl, and you don't have to worry about putting toxic ingredients on her nails.  You can wear this as a sheer or build it up with a few coats.

The contest starts today and ends at midnight on April 2.  I will announce the winner on facebook and twitter.  You can enter multiple times by completing the steps below. **This is for U.S. residents only, please!**

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The product I'm giving away has been provided by 100% Pure.  All photos on this post are credited to 100% Pure.

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Jennifer Haslip said...

Pretty! I'll have to check them out! :)

sarahhhhhh said...

recipes for sure!

Crafty Mally said...

Great post and even better pic on Instagram!

Kelly B said...

I'd actually like to see more things from 100% Pure (: I'm looking for things to try from them so I really love this post!

p.s. I'm Kellybee in the widget xoxo

Priscilla S. said...

Definitely makeup!

Jamie DiGaudio said...

I just started buying 100% Pure products. So far, I love them!

Jeff and Shaun said...

Bummer, I just missed the deadline to enter. I just placed my first order with 100% Pure. Can't wait to try their products! Shaun