Monday, July 15, 2013

Tea Review: Traditional Medicinals

I hope you're all having a fun summer so far!  I thought I would do a review of some teas I've tried.  Recently, I wrote a review of Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox tea, and it wasn't the best review.  I really didn't care for the strong licorice flavor.  So, Traditional Medicinals was nice enough to send me their EveryDay Detox tea in lemon. Soooo much better!

I can't say that I would sit down and drink these teas for enjoyment.  But, I would definitely try them before seeing a doctor and getting medication. I'd much rather use something from nature if possible. (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with going to a doctor if you need to.) They have very distinct and strong flavors. They are wellness teas, made with pharmacopoeial herbs, with specific health benefits. The Traditional Medicinals website describes the term pharmacopoeial. They're also made without any artificial flavors, which I appreciate.  I love that they have teas with a wide range of benefits for digestion, sore throat, relaxation and sleep, bladder infection, menstrual cramps, heart health, and so much more.  They even have teas made specifically for kids!  Of course, you should always read the labels and warnings before drinking wellness teas.

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I really like this EveryDay Detox tea in lemon.  It has an earthy taste as well as a slight lemon taste.  I used the tiniest bit of sweetener, and it was great.  I have actually been drinking this a few times a week, and it just makes me feel lighter and more energetic.

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I also tried this organic Peppermint.  It's supposed to help with digestion, but I found that it also has a really relaxing taste and smell.  And it will really open up your sinuses!  But, be careful not to drink this if you have problems with acid reflux, especially before bed.  It is very strong. Again, just make sure you read the labels and warnings to make sure it's right for you.

Here is a complete list of Traditional Medicinals teas.  I have already purchased the organic Raspberry Leaf tea to try next! There are several more I would like to try: Pau d'Arco (which I can't find anywhere!), Easy Now, Cran-Aid, and definitely some of the seasonal ones during cold and flu season. Actually, I'd like to have them all on hand, like a natural-remedy cabinet instead of a medicine cabinet. :)

Did you look at the list?  I would love to know which ones you're interested in trying!  Please leave a comment below. Can't wait to hear from you!