Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tea Tuesday! Harney & Sons Paris Tea

It's Tea Tuesday, and I've been out on my porch sipping Harney & Sons "Paris" tea!  I bought this tea from their Soho shop in NYC, and it is the best tea I've ever had in. my. life!  It's a "blend of black teas with vanilla, fruit, and citrus flavors carefully added."  I think this will always be my favorite tea!  It smells amazing, and drinking it makes me think back to the wonderful time I had in Paris.

I went to NYC over this past Christmas, and visiting the Harney & Sons shop was the absolute highlight of my trip!  My husband and I drank tea in their tea room and watched the snow fall.  I like their tea room because it's not girly and frilly.  It's modern, but still pretty.  I love the lavender walls and the lavender teapots.  Oh, the teapots! That's another story.  Harney & Sons sells teapots like the ones they serve tea in, just not in lavender.  But, I had to have a lavender one! So, my husband asked the manager if they could please sell me a lavender one.  She said "yes," and found one in the back.  I got charged a lot more for that lavender teapot, but it is SO worth it!  I love, love, love it!

Harney & Sons is just amazing!  When I decided to do Tea Tuesdays, they said they would be happy to send me some teas to try and review!  I was so excited when I got that email! Teavana {ahem!}on the other hand said no... So, I am happily waiting on my package from Harney & Sons!

The Harney & Sons window display at Christmas.
Loving the Harney & Sons Soho shop! Christmas 2012

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