Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Haul!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  We're celebrating by having our friends over for a cookout!  I thought I'd share the things I bought to prepare for the cookout, plus a few other groceries I bought this week.

Trader Joe's has several freeze dried fruits.  They're unsweetened, but I tried the strawberries and they're actually pretty sweet!  These are great for snacks or adding to your cereal.  
Trader Joe's, $3.29

These crackers are the equivalent of Triscuit crackers. 
Kroger, $2.79

I bought these to dip in hummus! I like buying crackers without hydrogenated oils.  
Kroger, $2.98

Bok Choy is my new love! My favorite Chinese restaurant closed down, and I've been working on perfecting their Szechuan Vegetables at home. I love spicy food!  
Trader Joe's, $2.29

Boy was I excited when I saw these! Cherries are probably my favorite fruit!  
I can't wait until they get a little less expensive.
Trader Joe's, $4.99

This brand of chocolates is one of my favorite special treats.  Not only is the chocolate good, but I love the packaging!  It has a pretty gold seal and a poem inside.  These would be great for Valentine's Day or wedding anniversaries.  This was on sale today, so I thought I'd try this flavor.  
Sea salt and chocolate is a great combination! This particular bar is vegan.
Kroger, $2.00

I don't buy cheese very often, but for the holidays, I like to make Ina Garten's Gruyere Mac and Cheese!  It's so good!  I love the flavor of Gruyere.  This bag of shredded cheese ended up being cheaper than buying a block.
Trader Joe's, $4.99

I recently had a student bring in seaweed and steamed rice to share with my class.  He wanted to tell about his Korean family heritage.  I thought, "These first graders are not going to try that," but surprisingly they loved it!  So, I continued rolling rice in these strips of seaweed, as they came back for seconds and thirds!  It really is delicious, so I bought some to have with my Szechuan stir-fry this week.
Trader Joes, 99 cents

These are my absolute favorite pickles!  They're made in Germany.  I can't really explain it, but they have a little bit different crunch than other pickles.  Perfect for a cookout!
Trader Joe's, $2.29

Even though these are already seasoned, I still like to add ketchup, mustard, 
and brown sugar to make them taste like my grandma's.
Kroger, $1.67

This is my first time buying these.
Trader Joe's $2.49

These are another special treat at our house.  We rarely buy them because they're expensive.  Sometimes Santa even leaves the little cans of them in our stockings. ;)  I like these "sodas" because they're made with real fruit juice and no high fructose corn syrup.  I thought I'd get them to share with our friends at our cookout tomorrow.  I got them on sale at Kroger for $3.99.  
They come in several different flavors.

Recently, I wrote a raving review of Cherrybrook Kitchen's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  So, Cherrybrook was so nice and sent me coupons for two free products to try and review.  These are the two I chose.  They were free, but they are normally $5.99 at Whole Foods.

Sabra brand is really my favorite hummus, but it's a little expensive.  So, I usually buy this hummus from Trader Joe's and it's *almost* as good and a little cheaper.  Actually, almost half the price. :)
Trader Joe's, $1.99

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I'll be eating bean burgers, mac & cheese, baked beans, corn on the cob, and watermelon.  And the best part of all, I'll be with my friends!


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