Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Cakes!

I promise I have not forgotten about you guys!  I know it's been awhile since I've blogged. Thanks for keeping up with me on facebook!  For those of you who don't know me, I am an art teacher, and I've actually been teaching this summer.  I taught an arts enrichment program for children from low-income communities. Just this week, I had an opportunity to speak about my students and meet the previous mayor of my city!  She was our city's first female mayor and the first woman elected into public office in our city's 300-year history. She was so nice to me and generous with her time!

Here we are!

Now, on to the birthday cakes! For both of the cakes below, I used Chef Chloe Coscarelli's vegan Fudge Cake recipe on p. 227 of her cookbook, Chloe's Kitchen. I also used her vegan chocolate frosting recipe:

1 1/2 cups non-dairy chocolate chips
1 cup nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening
3 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2-5 tablespoons rice milk

Melt chocolate chips in a microwave.  Let the melted chocolate cool to room temperature, so it doesn't melt the shortening when you add it to the frosting.

In the meantime, using a handheld mixer, beat the shortening until smooth. With the mixer running on low, add powdered sugar, vanilla, and one tablespoon of rice milk at a time, as needed, until frosting reaches a spreadable consistency. You may not need to use all of the rice milk.  Add the melted chocolate chips. Beat on medium speed until well combined. Add more rice milk as needed. Increase speed and beat for 2 more minutes until light and fluffy.

This is the Whopper Cake I made for my dad's 55th birthday!  No, Whoppers are not healthy in any way. They're mainly for decoration. I remember my dad always loving Whoppers and sharing them when I was a kid.  Every now and then you'd be lucky enough to get a hollow mushy one!  I stuck them in the frosting one-by-one. My dad is a very calm person and it takes a lot to get him excited about anything. It was worth the time of sticking them on, to see the big smile on his face when I brought the cake out. :)

My husband recently told me that he always wanted a "dirt" cake with gummy worms when he was a kid, but his mom wouldn't let him because she thought it was too disgusting. Sad story, I know. ;) So, I decided to make it for him this week for his birthday. I figured my nieces and nephew would get a kick out of it.  My niece really boosted my confidence in baking when she said, "This tastes like dirt!" haha The "dirt" is crumbled Joe-Joe's cookies (Oreos) from Trader Joe's.  I like them better than Oreos because they don't contain hydrogenated oils.  Between the two layers of cake, is a layer of frosting and a layer of cookies.  You could also use chocolate pudding.

Have a great weekend everyone! I am officially back-to-school on Monday!


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Cass @foodmyfriend said...

That chocolate cake is beautiful! I have book marked it to give it a try :) My little brothers made me a cake for my 23rd birthday and covered it in lollies. Unfortunately they had gelatine in them so I couldnt eat them. It's the thought that counts!