Friday, July 13, 2012

My Grocery Receipt

Friends and family are always asking me what I buy at the grocery store and how much I spend on groceries. A certain family member has even called me from the grocery store for ideas on what to buy. ;)

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Well, here you go...I'm revealing my grocery shopping receipt!  This is pretty typical of what I buy (and spend) each week for two people.

Non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening (Spectrum brand) ...$5.29 (Kroger)

(4) 6 oz. soy yogurts (raspberry, peach, strawberry, blueberry)...$4.00 (Kroger)

Bag of frozen chopped broccoli...$1.00 (Kroger)

Bag of frozen cut okra...$1.69 (Kroger Note: most of the time I can get this for $1.00)

Sabre classic hummus...$3.50 (Kroger)

3 ears of yellow corn...$1.14 (Kroger)

Can of blackeyed peas (store brand)...$0.69 (Kroger)

Sprite melon...$1.00 (Kroger)

2 fugi apples...$1.99 (Kroger)

1 vine ripe tomato...$0.78 (Kroger)

3 bananas...$0.61 (Kroger)

Loaf of Nature's Pride whole wheat bread...$1.99 (Kroger)

Trader Joe's Multigrain O's Cereal...$2.99 (Trader Joe's)

1 liter of cold pressed olive oil...$5.49 (Trader Joe's)

Loaf sliced multigrain sourdough...$2.99 (Trader Joe's)

Reduced guilt wheat crackers...$1.99 (Trader Joe's)

Whole wheat flour tortillas...$2.29 (Trader Joe's)

Bagged Romaine lettuce...$1.99 (Trader Joe's)

2 lbs mini pearl tomatoes...$4.98 (Trader Joe's)

Small block of baby Chalet swiss cheese...$2.74 (Trader Joe's)

Jar of Kosher dill pickles...$2.29 (Trader Joe's)

Jar of Traditional marinara sauce...1.29 (Trader Joe's)

Box of multigrain waffles...$1.99 (Trader Joe's)

3 lbs of gold potatoes...$2.99 (Trader Joe's)

Seedless watermelon...$3.99 (Trader Joe's)

2 Hass avocados...$2.58 (Trader Joe's)

TOTAL 64.27 before tax

  • I plan my meals for the week and make a list based on what I need for those meals.
  • We eat leftovers for lunch. Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a tomato sandwich.
  • We snack on fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, and sometimes homemade cookies. I don't buy a lot of snack foods.
  • We drink tap water put through a filter in our Brita pitcher. I don't buy juices or drinks.
  • I spend more on certain items at Trader Joe's because it's important to me to buy food with the least amount of preservatives and additives, and organic when possible.
  • I occasionally buy organic, free-range chicken for my husband (which adds to the overall cost).
  • This particular week (above), I didn't need milk.  But, I do buy a half-gallon of organic milk for my husband.
  • I usually spend between $50-$75 per week for two people.
 I hope this feeds your curiosity! :)

Happy Shopping!

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