Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Molten Lava Cupcakes

Last night I had friends over for dinner, so I decided to experiment with Chef Chloe's "Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes with Raspberry Sauce." It's probably not a good idea to experiment when you have guests coming over.  But, my friends are my official taste testers!

I thought I would try to make Molten Lava Cupcakes rather than cakes in ramekins.  Molten Lava Cakes have chocolate oozing out of them when you cut them open, and I wanted to do the same with cupcakes.  The trick to that is to fill your cupcake papers 1/4 of the way full with cake batter, drop in some chocolate chips, then add more batter on top to fill up the cup.  I added 8 dark chocolate chips to each cupcake, and it wasn't enough! The chocolate was melty inside, but it was not oozing out like I had hoped. They probably actually needed 16. They were still really delicious! 

I wish you could have been here to see my friends and me trying to artistically drizzle the raspberry sauce on the plate! My husband knew better than to get involved, and sat back and watched the entertainment. We went through four plates (one was a lake of sauce), and finally decided on this one.  I know...my drizzling skills need work!

Chef Chloe's recipe is vegan (no animal products).  If you decide to purchase her cookbook, Chloe's Kitchen, and try this out, her recipe will make 11 cupcakes and I baked them for 12 minutes. You could try this with any cake recipe, though! I used Trader Joe's semi-sweet chocolate chips because they don't contain milk fat.

Serve these cupcakes warm and enjoy this ooey gooey chocolatey treat!


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