Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apartment Gardening

Now that the pollen has finally settled down some, I decided to do a little gardening absolute favorite thing to do! I live in an apartment, so I have one flower bed to work with.

I've always wanted to have a pot filled with a variety of herbs for cooking.  So, my husband went with me to a home and garden store and waited patiently (ahem) while I picked out the perfect pot!

I planted some Dill, Greek Oregano, German Thyme, and Boxwood Basil.   This is the first year I've tried the Boxwood Basil.  It has smaller leaves than regular Basil, so you don't have to chop it up for cooking.


I think the Greek Oregano is so pretty. Hello pizza!

Boxwood Basil

My husband gave me this Lemon Balm last year and it has become a massive plant.  Supposedly, you can make tea from Lemon Balm to help calm anxiety.

This is my Foxglove plant.  It has already attracted some bees.  But, I'm hoping for hummingbirds!

We had such a mild winter that our Dianthus never died and it's in full bloom in our flower bed!


We planted some of the herbs in the flower bed too.

Greek Oregano

I love seeing our Hostas pop up out of the ground in spring!

Our Hens and Chicks always come back to life, no matter how much we neglect them over winter.

I have been suffering severely with allergies this year.  Today my husband went out and swept all of the pollen off of our porch and cleaned off the furniture. Doesn't it look nice??  I cant wait to spend some spring and summer nights sitting out there!

I am obviously not an expert gardener.  If you have any tips or advice, please share!  If you've been doing some gardening yourself, I would love for you to post some pictures on the Little Miss Vegetarian facebook page!

For God is sheer beauty, all generous in love, loyal always and ever.
Psalm 100:5

Don't you just love how God reveals himself through nature? Happy Gardening!


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