Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pity Party

Okay, I know this is getting a bit personal.  You didn’t know I’d be talking about my under-arms, did you?  Let me first say that this is going to be one of those “take it or leave it” topics. This isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s more food for thought than anything. 

Here’s something you may not know about me; I don’t wear anti-perspirant.  I do wear deodorant.  There is a difference. An anti-perspirant is what keeps you from sweating.  Deodorant is what keeps you smelling like flowers.  The reason I don’t use an anti-perspirant is because I don’t particularly want aluminum compounds closing my sweat glands.  Did you know that your deodorant/anti-perspirant stick probably contains aluminum? Check the label.  There has been research associating Alzheimer’s disease with aluminum. Sweating is our body’s way of staying cool and releasing toxins.  So, where do those toxins go if your sweat glands are closed? I’ve read that they are recycled and absorbed back into the body and burden other organs. 

There are companies who make aluminum-free deodorant, such as Tom’s of Maine, Jason, and Trader Joe’s.  I have tried Tom’s of Maine.  I like the unscented stick.  I do not like the apricot stick.  I think it smells like B.O. and that’s not what we’re going for!  I am currently trying the Trader Joe’s brand, which contains cotton fibers to absorb moisture.

Now, all of this is coming from a person who doesn’t sweat that much.  I know that no one wants to walk around with soaking wet under-arms!  If you are thinking about trying it, maybe you could get an aluminum-free stick to wear around the house. Let me know if you decide to join my pit-y party!

I’m laughing just imagining some of your reactions to this blog.  After all, I could be like Julia Roberts...she doesn’t use anything at all!  She just freshens up with a little soap and water every now and then. How natural!



melanie said...

You can also powder under your arms with a bit of baking soda or make your own baking soda based deodorant with a coconut oil or shea butter base very easily. Recipe at

I'm a high school friend of your sister-in-law Betsy who posted on her Facebook page you had a blog and I wandered over to take a look. I now live in New Zealand and have a Frugal Living blog of my own as you can see from the link above...ah, the global village.

La Vie en Vert said...

Thanks for reading and thanks for your tip!