Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Dainty Little Dinner

Have you ever had one of those days where you're running around, and then all the sudden realize it's 7 o' clock and you haven't had dinner? You don't want something too heavy because you'll be going to bed in a few hours. We had a day like that today, so this is what we made:

First, I cut the crust off of 4 slices of Hearty Wheat and Flax Bread, and then cut those slices in half.

On one side, I spread soft butter mixed with fresh chopped basil, salt, and pepper.

On the other side, I spread organic whipped cream cheese mixed with fresh chopped chives.

I filled the insides with cucumber and carrot slices and fresh spinach.

 And made these beautiful, dainty, little sandwiches!

They went perfectly with a bowl of hot potato-leek soup. And, were you wondering what I did with the bread scraps?  I cubed them, toasted them, and made croutons for the soup!

It was a perfect little dinner.

 And fresh strawberries make a sweet dessert.

To all you men out's okay to be dainty sometimes. Embrace it.


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